August Newsletter

Feelin’ Inspiration & Transformation!

Let the sun shine in~ stretch and share summer stories with us! It’s Angela’s birthday month, and she’d love to have you track inspiration & transformation with her.  Heck, Jill’s in her third trimester and feels so fortunate to have the groundwork of breath, yoga and support guiding her journey!
What’s your beauty report? How are you being the health oriented, authentic human amongst the crowd? What changes have you experienced and what more do you want to (co)create?  We’re already coexisting, and those who share rhythm, ritual and relaxation, live happily.
Blessed be our health and families. Thank you for blessing our sisterhood with your genuine nature.  The Kula is hot this summer and we’re bringing the heat into next season’s path. Stay tuned for new classes,  offerings and mojo.
Amen,  Aho,  Namaste.

Angela in Uddiyana

Angela in seated sidebend w/chest opener

August Deals

New student Special:

$20 for 1 week of unlimited Yoga!

New Client Special:

$20 off your first 60 0r 90 minute bodywork session!

Pre/Postnatal, Structural Integration, Craniosacral, Thai Massage, Shiatsu)

Outdoor Workshop

8/21/10, 9:30am – 2:30pm

Hike Rattlesnake Ridge (4mi. roundtrip) then chill at the lake for AcroYoga’s partner stretching & therapeutic flying!

$25 includes carpool & instruction. Limited to 9 people of all levels / fitness.


8/27 Ballard’s Homestreet Bank Health Fair, 5-7pm.

8050 15th Ave NW 98117

8/29 1-3pm, AcroYoga Jam!

Location TBD

Tune up your down dog:

1) External Rotation of the Shoulders
Hugely challenging! This is because almost everything we do on a daily basis creates internal rotation in the shoulders: driving, typing, cooking and carrying all force the arm bone forward in the shoulder socket, shortening and tightening the pectoral and subclavius muscles. When you take an internally rotated arm and bring it overhead and then load half your body weight onto it (i.e. in Down Dog!), you risk irritating the subacromial bursa, a cushioning sac that protects the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder. This impingement can over time lead to bursitis, and even frozen shoulder, a severe limitation of your shoulder’s range of motion. Avoid this and learn external rotation by practicing Supinated Dolphin Pose (with your palms facing up) to feel the proper alignment of the armbone, and replicate that alignment when you come into Down Dog. Another tip: if your inner elbows are facing each other or the floor (gasp!) in Down Dog, begin to rotate them more forwards (but without hyperextending the elbows all the way to the front – they should be halfway between facing each other and facing forwards).

2) Protraction of the Scapula (shoulderblades)
For some reason, yoga teachers are often taught to emphasize the scapula moving together on the back, called retraction, and then we apply this to every pose! However, the proper alignment of the scapula in Down Dog is protraction, or separation, so that the serratus anterior muscle can hold the scapula on the ribcage properly and stop it from winging off. The trouble is, many of us have no idea where the serratus is, let alone how to activate it! Try Birdwing to find that elusive muscle beneath your armpits (it should feel like someone is grabbing you around the ribs) and then find it again in Down Dog.
3) Activation of the Flexors of the Forearm
The most common complaint for many new yoga students is that Down Dog hurts their wrists. This is usually because the flexors in the forearm are either weak or overtired (we are a society of grabbers; the steering wheel, the mouse). The flexors are the muscles on the underside of the forearm, and if they’re not working properly, the wrist takes the brunt of the load.  If you bring your two hands together in prayer and then look down the heel of your hands, you should see a natural tunnel (carpal tunnel, anyone?) and it’s important that this lift in the heel of the hand remains in Down Dog. Try coming into Down Dog on your fingertips for short periods, and if you feel a burning sensation in your flexors, you’re on the right track to strong forearms!

Shift Happens
Embrace the CHANGES in your LIFE! Release what you no longer need, and WELCOME the seeds of NEW EXPERIENCE.
Perspective is temporary, lets not be held hostage by story. Initiate action toward mending The Hoop of The People and in doing so, acknowledge yourself!
We are awesomely strong, present and capable when we want to be. Make the warriors choice.
Choose life! Create kindness. Respect differences and be curious about health & healing.

Jill at 28 weeks pregnant!

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