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Mother’s Day Forrest Yoga Workshop, 5/9/10, 9:30 – 12:00pm

May 9th, 2010
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

All Levels of Men and Women Welcome:

“Celebrate Mother’s Wisdom for a Healing Practice”

With Angela and Jill (one teacher, one hands-on adjuster/modifier resource)

This workshop will be dynamic in both asana and relationship with Self, as we explore ways of staying struggle free while feeling into the pleasure of the fun and sweaty neck, shoulders and hips class. The neck and shoulders are the first “narrows”* allowing receptivity, responsibility and compassion be turned on. The low back and hips are the second “narrows”, allowing foundation, strength and endurance be felt, thus completing one’s sense of self, and grounded-ness when at ease.

In this workshop you’ll experience:

* pranayama

* core conditioning and basic warm up postures

* how internal heat encourages energetic openings, and the release of (mental & physical) holding patterns,

* fun-feeling freedom in our shoulders & hips, and

* tea provided, too!

No experience necessary, just a willingness to stay connected to breath, and to what your Spirit needs. Wear comfortable clothing, and be ready to sweat! Please bring water, a yoga mat, strap and block to this workshop.

Price: $30 before 5/9 & $35 day of event

To register, call (206) 972-2999

Kula Movement
@ Motion and Rest
5340 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

*the “narrows” refer to Alexander Lowen’s “Bioenergetics” of mind-body psychotherapy.

“A person who doesn’t breathe deeply reduces the life of his body.  If he doesn’t move freely, he restricts the life of his body.  If he doesn’t feel fully, he narrows the life of his body.  And if his self-expression is constricted, he limits the life of his body.” ~Alexander Lowen, 1910~

April Newsletter

It’s Springtime!

After the past month’s rains, our mountains and meadows are bursting with green life.  Starting or reawakening your yoga practice is a potent way to shrug off the winter and clear your body and mind for Spring.  We hope you can join us for some of these yoga offerings!


Mother’s Day Forrest Yoga Workshop, 5/9/10, 9:30 – 12:00pm

Celebrate Mother’s Wisdom for a Healing Practice
with Angela and Jill

In this workshop you’ll experience:* pranayama

* core conditioning and basic warm up postures

* how internal heat encourages energetic openings, and the release of (mental & physical) holding patterns

* fun-feeling freedom in our shoulders & hips!

* tea provided too!

Price: $30 before May 9th, & $35 day of event.  To register, call (206) 972-2999

Forrest Yoga & AcroYoga Immersion, 6/13/10, 9:00 – 4:00pm

Bring your desire for flight (regardless of abilities), and injury questions to this All Levels, All Day, Fun Intensive!

With Angela and Jill

9:00 – 12:00pm Meditation & gravity-surfing Forrest Yoga practice
12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch (Kitchen available & Ballard Farmers Market directly in front of Studio)
1:00 – 4:00pm Injury Circle Q & A, AcroYoga Therapeutics and Thai Massage!

Price: $60 before June 13th, & $65 day of event. To register, call (206) 972-2999

April Specials:
*5 class card = $40 (value of $70) Only $8 per class!
(Expires in 30 days, limit 1)
*10 class card = $70 (value of $130) Only $7 per class! (Expires in 60 days, limit 1)

NEW SCHEDULE  beginning May 1st:

Sunday:          6:30-8:00pm, Forrest Yoga, All levels

Monday:        9:00-10:30am, Forrest Yoga, All levels – NEW!
Tuesday:         6:30-8:00pm, Forrest Yoga, All levels
Wednesday:   9:00-10:30am, Forrest Yoga, All levels
Thursday:        6:00-7:15pm, Prenatal Yoga – NEW!
Friday:             7:30-9:30am, Forrest Yoga, Level II – NEW!
Friday:            6:30-8:30pm, AcroYoga, Basics & Inversions

New Fees beginning May 1st:

First Class:  Always FREE!
75 / 90 minute class: $15
2 hour class: $20
Multi-Session Pass
7.5 hour Pass:  $70 (Expires in 90 days)
Examples of Multi-Session Pass usage:
-Five 90min. classes ($14/class) OR
-Three 2 hr classes and one 90min. class
Choose as you go!
15 hour Pass:  $130 (Expires in 90 days)

-Ten 90min. classes ($13/class) OR

Mix and match and save BIG!

One Month Unlimited:     $120
Expires 30 days  from purchase date

Three Month Unlimited:  $320
Expires 90 days from purchase date

In Closing, Yin and Yang:
Explore the peace of internal glow as Jill transitions her methods and style, to facilitate her pregnancy! Now, in the second trimester, Jill is ready to share the innate gestures of what life brings each spring, birth and rebirth. How intimate to settle into feeling while harnessing change.

And, ride the wave of Angela’s enthusiasm from having assisted the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training! Share in her movements, adjustments and wisdom from having trained so closely with Ana Forrest! She put in over 150hrs of Yoga last month w/Ana, and has so much to share.

For further information regarding any of this, don’t hesitate to email or call!

In Light,
Kula Movement

AcroYoga Workshop, 4/10/10, 1:30 – 3:30pm

April 10th, 2010
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

AcroYoga for Beginners

With Angela and Jill

We promise action-filled metta* for beginners to AcroYoga.

In this workshop you’ll experience:

* partner stretching

* bone stacking alignment, core conditioning and basic acrobatics (flying, basing, spotting)

* how flying therapeutics (also known as the nectar of the practice) encourages spinal elongation, and the release of holding patterns

* Thai massage, and

* yummy, chocolate provided too!

No partner or experience necessary, just a willingness to communicate as this practice relies on trust, communication and a sense of playfulness! Wear comfortable clothing and smile, you’re about to fly!

Price: $30 before 4/10 & $35 day of event

To register, call 206-972-2999 or 360-961-0221

Kula Movement
@ Motion and Rest
5340 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

*metta is act of loving kindness

Easter Sunday YOGA is ON !!

That’s right, Easter  Sunday class is ON 6:30 – 8pm.

Give thanks by breathing deep and feeling into each movement!!

Spring reminds us that her nature is love and rebirth. Easter reminds us that love heals all wounds, and great love triumphs over death. We have the opportunity to recreate Easter in our hearts, every day, every MOMENT with every person including ourselves.

So much thanks, and love!

-Kula Movement

Spring into Class!

After the past month’s rains, our mountains and meadows are bursting with green life.  Starting or reawakening your yoga practice is a potent way to shrug off the winter and clear your body and mind for Spring.  We hope you can join us for some of these yoga offerings!

Our Forrest Yoga & AcroYoga schedule, as well as April’s workshops, are a great way to experience that self-made sense of Spring clearing! Please share in the experience for your own health, vitality, and comfort!

If you’re new to Forrest Yoga, Sunday’s slower paced, informative class will provide you with a strong foundation in the practice, preparing you for Tuesday’s 90 minutes of energy cleansing movement. Both Wednesday & Friday morning classes reflect that of the collective mood, modifying and gravity-defying as desired. Wednesday’s 2 HOUR 630-830pm class challenges one’s sense of “going deeper“, with inversions, advancements, and longer holds, including savasana! Finally, Friday’s 630- 830pm AcroYoga class blends yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage, to suit ANY persons fancy.

All classes include:

  • a brief moment of pranayama and/or centering to begin
  • the embodied study and practice of the Yoga postures including correct body positioning and alignment
  • detailed instruction on how to combine breath and movement
  • modifications available and encouraged for most any need

Angela & Jill

Forrest Yoga – Heart & Hip Opening Workshop, Feb. 13th, 3:00-5:30pm

Join us at Yoga On Beacon, for a heart and hip opening workshop! 20 min. meditation, 2hr Forrest Yoga class, two teachers, one always providing hands on assists, & modifications!


Jim B Allbaugh

Jim Allbaugh Certified Rolfer

N e   w   s   l   e   t   t  e  r
I s s u e N i n e
J a n u a r y 2 0  1  0

“Hello everyone…”
It’s been too long since I had the opportunity to write a newsletter.  Thankfully, I have been busy working with most all of you!
I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you.  2010…  Amazing.  Time really is fleeting.
It is my hope and intention to broaden the scope of my practice on many levels in 2010.  In May, I will be attending the 4th. out of 5 Visceral Manipulation classes.  I simply cannot get enough of this work.  In the next segment, my teacher, Jeffrey Burch, will be addressing various problems that can be found in the pelvis.  He will also be providing new and innovative solutions to help relieve pain in this area.  This includes helping you with notoriously common lower back pain!
The term, “Visceral Work” is somewhat misleading.  Indeed, with Visceral Work, I am addressing more than just your viscera, i.e., your guts.  I am working with bloodvessels, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, and organs.
In March, my original teacher at the Rolf Institute, John Martine, will be presenting some new information on how to work with nerves.  Yes, indeedy, nerves. In particular, nerves that effect fascia and muscle tissue.  These are called cutaneous nerves.  Muscles, in of themselves are, well, kinda dumb.  No offense to these guys.  BUT, superficial and deep nerves, inform our muscles on what and what not to do.  If I am able to release, lengthen, and generally loosen the nerve sheaths, muscles and adjoining fascia are “re-programmed” to let go.  They are no longer agitated and or inflamed.  Whole swaths of fascia in the body can suddenly let go if a handful of nerves are persuaded to lengthen and release.  I have a feeling that your body will greatly appreciate this!
“Anatomy of a Session”
So, what is a session with me looking and feeling like for you these days?  In my last newsletter, I talked about Old School and New School Rolfing.  Old School = Traditional Myofascial Work.  New School = Visceral/Osteopathic Work.  Again, new school approach works with organs, blood vessels, bones, nerves, et al.
Pretty much everything other than just the muscles.

Before I continue, you might want to visit my blog at:
There you will find more detailed information about the anatomy that I describe below...
Let’s geek out shall we?
I had a client the other day who came in with some neck pain.  This person had a hard time lifting her head, turning it to the left, and could feel a tight pull in her neck down towards her chest.
After some visual assessments, I could see a pull-strain on the right side of her body from her right foot all the way up to her neck.  Hmmm.  I first used New School/Osteopathic techniques.
With this type of assessment, her body brought me to the back of her right calf.  Here we found the Popliteal Artery.  The poor guy was squished pretty good.  Now, your probably wondering, “Jim, come one now, her neck is what hurts, why in the devil are you working on her leg?”
Patience my dear clients…
After releasing this vital blood vessel.  I had her stand up.  Voila, the pull on her right side had diminished at least 60%.  Keep in mind, I am working with whole systems.  One blood vessel is part of a whole system. In this case, that system would be cardiovascular.
I then worked on her right Carotid Artery.  Pretty much where she was experiencing pain.  Another link in the circulatory chain.  I then released that.  I had her stand up.
Looking much much better.
I then released yet another blood vessel.  This time on her left side.  This blood vessel is called the Subclavian Artery.
I stood her up again.  The pull on the Right side of her body was nearly gone.  I checked rotation of movement in her neck, and it was greatly improved.  Now, its time to mop up.  I then switched over to more Old School techniques.
Now I began to address structures around her shoulder girdle and neck that still remained…tight.  Sure enough, many if not all of the muscles in her neck had already let go.  They no longer needed to protect the blood vessels that were under strain.
I released her Scalenes, SCM, and Hyoid muscles.
After this, I worked on her Cervical Vertebre, releasing rotations and counter rotations in her neck.  Most all of this work went quickly, primarily because of the work we had done before.
End of session.  Client pain free and happy!  Yeah for Rolfing!!!
What this all means for you dear clients, is a sure fire ability to find root causes of your pain.  When these are released, the body works from an inherent place of intelligence.  The body is always trying to right itself.  Sometimes, it just needs a nudge here and there to help it find its deepest desire and impulse…to heal!
Again, feel free to visit my blog to get a more in depth explanation of the anatomy explored in this session.

“Practitioner of the Month.”
Well, it should be Practitioner(s) of the Month.
Angela and Jill are two yoga teachers that teach out of Motion and Rest, where my office is located.
I have gotten to know them over the last year or so, and have been duly impressed by their teaching style and rapport with their students.
They have a full schedule at Motion and Rest, and I would recommend that you take one of their classes!
So, without any further ado, here is Angela and Jill!!  (Applause…Applause…Applause…)

Kula Movement:
Both Angela (Baumgardner) DiMario and Jill Baumgardner found their way back to Seattle, and created Kula Movement in November 2008, after completing studies elsewhere. Their sisterhood has evolved into a co-teaching, business savvy manner, while keeping keen to their childlike wonders, and joy. It truly is a gift to be loved and to love our work environment, while supporting the everyday struggles and honoring that which just IS, in each of US.
Between Angela’s deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and energetics, and Jill’s Master level studies in Somatic, Counseling Psychology, class is guided in a dynamic practice of structural awareness, strength, and rehabilitation.

Angela’s Bio:
Angela brings a unique quality of presence to teaching yoga. She cultivates a safe healing space by means of mindfulness, challenge, and fun. Her ability to connect with each individual’s needs, thus guiding students to their edge, provides the necessary integrity to work authentically. Moving from within and truly celebrating the journey of each owns healing process- their yoga.

Jill’s Bio:
Jill’s focus is to co-create a safe space to explore the depths and rhythms of Being: essence, individual and collective. With Forrest Yoga & AcroYoga, she supports the uniqueness of each exploration, through movement, breath & presence. Having finished the coursework for a Masters in Counseling Psychology, with a focus in Somatics, she’s currently pursuing the final leg of practicum, non-traditionally, with therapeutic movement counseling. As an active explorer, she brings knowledge from various bodymind systems, to provide unique insights with hands on adjustments, and modifications.

Kula Movement Yoga schedule:
Sunday, 6:30 – 8:00pm Forrest Yoga, All levels.
Tuesday, 6:30 – 8:00 pm Forrest Yoga, All levels.
Wednesday, 9:00 – 10:30am Forrest Yoga, All levels.
6:30- 8:30pm Forrest Yoga, Level II
Friday, 9:00 – 10:30am Forrest Yoga, All levels.
6:30 – 8:30pm AcroYoga, Inversions, Transitions, & Thai massage, All levels.

Jim Allbaugh
Certified Rolfer
(206) 271-1648
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AcroYoga photo shoot, 2/19 @ regular class time!

Friday, Feb. 19th
We’re looking for 8-12 students to join us for a dynamic AcroYoga class, 6:30 – 8:30pm.
We’ll have a photographer, film maker, and lights in class, capturing movement for our website. Please be willing to get your pose and poise on, sign a consent form, and rest assured, great shots of you, are yours!
This class, plus an additional 2, are FREE of charge for those willing to participate!
Open to public. Music & Fun Provided. Please RSVP if you are interested!!

Don’t miss your chance to feel good !!

We’re offering our Winter Cell Stimulus Specials through 1/10/10 to support 2010 movements (gift certificates available):

* New students = $35 for 5 class pass (value of $70)

* Return students = $100 for 10 class pass (value of $130)
* Three, 90 min. Bodywork Sessions = $200 (Value of $360)

Come for youga,
-DiBaum Sisters

-Class cards do not expire. Bodywork sessions expire two months after first session. No refunds.