Join the 40 day Health Challenge, May 1st – June 9th!

40 day Health Challenge 

May 1st – June 9th, 2013

Register with the front desk to receive your journal and start recording your 40 days of a personal revolution!
Guidelines are:
-Set an Intention!
-Record your daily yoga practice, (limit of 10 home or work practices count toward consistency).
-Record your challenges & breakthroughs.
-Record your daily nourishment, i.e. hours of sleep, diet, creative outlets.

Be honest with yourself. This is a deep time of listening, and establishing a relationship with yourself that is very rewarding. Use the 40 days to track your consistent self care habits.

Return your journal to Kula by Friday, June 7th, and on Sunday, June 9th, at 6:15pm the challenger’s will celebrate together, and pick up their gifts.

The person who shares the most consistent practice of yoga & nourishment, and best records their challenges & breakthroughs will win a wellness package of $750 value!
Please be short and concise in your journal.

With Love and Support,
Your Kula
Example Journal Entries:
May 1st. 2013
Intention: To live a more balanced life between work and family for 40 days!
Yoga practice: 9am class with Anna at Kula. heart opening
Challenge: getting up early today
Breakthrough: I still went to yoga.
Nourishment: I slept 6 hours, and had a very long day at work. Ate many small meals, all of which were highly nutritious; lentil soup, veggie stir fry, GF turkey sand, green smoothie, and plenty of water.

May 2nd, 2013

Yoga: 7:15pm class with Angela. Arm balancing, twists n hips, super sweaty class. 🙂
Challenges: All the arm balances were challenging. Traffic was challenging.
Breakthrough: I was able to stay positive through it.
Nourishment: Slept 6 hours, had a long day at work, and managed to make our family dinner. Drank too much caffeine today, yet I had a lot of water too.

May 3rd, 2013

Yoga: 12pm with Jill. Inversions.
Challenges today were minor and often triumphed. Today was a great day.
Nourishment: I’ve eaten well, had few cravings, and plenty of water. Also I sang a lot in the car. I hope to decrease my caffeine intake as the challenge goes on. I slept 7 hours waking once.



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