Spring into Class!

After the past month’s rains, our mountains and meadows are bursting with green life.  Starting or reawakening your yoga practice is a potent way to shrug off the winter and clear your body and mind for Spring.  We hope you can join us for some of these yoga offerings!

Our Forrest Yoga & AcroYoga schedule, as well as April’s workshops, are a great way to experience that self-made sense of Spring clearing! Please share in the experience for your own health, vitality, and comfort!

If you’re new to Forrest Yoga, Sunday’s slower paced, informative class will provide you with a strong foundation in the practice, preparing you for Tuesday’s 90 minutes of energy cleansing movement. Both Wednesday & Friday morning classes reflect that of the collective mood, modifying and gravity-defying as desired. Wednesday’s 2 HOUR 630-830pm class challenges one’s sense of “going deeper“, with inversions, advancements, and longer holds, including savasana! Finally, Friday’s 630- 830pm AcroYoga class blends yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage, to suit ANY persons fancy.

All classes include:

  • a brief moment of pranayama and/or centering to begin
  • the embodied study and practice of the Yoga postures including correct body positioning and alignment
  • detailed instruction on how to combine breath and movement
  • modifications available and encouraged for most any need

Angela & Jill

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