Congratulations Yoga Health Challengers!

Hello Yoga Health Challengers,

Please note the deadline to turn in your journal is Sunday, June 9th, or as early as Friday, June 7th. We look forward to receiving your journal any time this weekend, and have enjoyed the depth and consistency we’ve witnessed thus far. What a wonderful way to kick off your radiant spring self!

One person will be chosen to win:
2 one-hour Massages
1 Acupunture session
1 Psychotherapy session, and
1 Yoga private

Remember you are all winners for having committed to yourself, and we hope this 40 day challenge has brought new light to your daily routines of self-mastery. It has been a joy to witness the immediate shifts in showing up at class, and practicing your Gratitude, Radical Self-Acceptance and Love. You are living as your Higher Self!

You are each an inspiration and we are genuinely grateful to have this Kula be committed to living such a radiant life!

Congratulations, Challengers!

With love and joy,

Your Kula

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