Fall Equinox Workshop w/Gianna, Saturday, October 20th, 2-5pm

Fall Equinox Ceremony ~ A Yoga Journey
Saturday, October 20th, 2-5 p.m.

~Strengthen, Align, & Balance Your Mind/Body Connection~
Seasonal change is happening. It is visible in our outer world and resonates
equally in our own inner landscape. The shift in temperature, sunlight and
foliage indicate transitions in the earth’s natural cycle. We too shift into a new
mind/body rhythm with the change in seasons. Can you feel this Eco-rhythm
emerging? Can you connect more fully to the changes within and without you?
Take a two hour yoga journey with two extended meditations sessions to
strengthen, align and balance your inner and outer bodies.

This workshop focuses on Strength, Alignment and Balance. Building on the
creative powers of the summer season contained within us, we will strengthen
our core, align our intentions and balance our energy centers (chakras) through
a classic Forrest sequence of abdominals, sun salutations, standing poses, and
inversions complimented by a series of kriyas, or moving meditations, and will
include calling to the Four Directions and the setting of personal and
community intent.
This Equinox Yoga Ceremony will bring you into strong
alignment with the Fall season so that you may continue to ignite the flame of
purpose and meaning in your life through greater connection to seasonal

~ Enhance your asana practice, challenge your edges, deepen your practice!!!
Open to all levels ~ Cost $40.00

This workshop is led by senior Forrest teacher, art historian and yogini, Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D., who has offered more than 50 seasonal Solstice/Equinox workshops over the past 12 years. For more information see Gianna’s bio.

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