November Newsletter

Deepening Connections ~ Gratitude

Hey Kula, we have exciting news to share as abundance, growth and gratitude are upon us & we’re happy you’re a part!

Jill gave birth to Jack Finn McColm Saturday, 10/30/10 at 11:42pm.
He was born 22 inches tall, 7.3 lbs and numerology/astrology speaking Jack is a five of hearts, Scorpio.
He is precious & such a character. We’re in love, curious & excited to grow together. On day three he was doing low cobras and turning his head!
As the family connections are deepening, Jill is recovering from labor (and abdominal surgery) smoothly.

Though it is less discussed in the general public, the postnatal phase of pregnancy is as relevant as the prior three trimesters.
There are radical shifts, that yet again the bodymind experiences. Although transition is transition and thankfully so, being present in the ever changing moments of life are what keep us curious!

Jack & family are resting, and appreciate ALL the love and support, energy and inquiry, that you’ve shared.
Jill will return to teaching pre/post natal, AcroYoga & Forrest Yoga beginning January 1st.

Kula Movement is growing!

In OTHER NEWS of birthing hearts & dreams, as of  JAUNUARY 1ST,  2011 Motion & Rest will become Kula Movement, bodymind therapies.

Jill & Angela are excited to deepen the connection within practitioners of the house, increase the Forrest & AcroYoga schedule, and host seminars and training’s.

Sharing the compatibility of Somatics, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Chiropractics, Bodywork, Rolfing, Pilates, Middle Eastern Dance, Bollywood Dance, Meditation, Kids Classes, Qi Gong, an Esthetician amongst other holistic facets of health care under one roof make for creative expression &  interdisciplinary healing!

Please use the suggestion box in the back to share your feelings, suggestions, reflections, motivations, or anything you’d like to experience at Kula Movement.

Thursday 11/24 or
Friday 11/25.
Class resumes Sunday 11/28.

Buy a 15 hr Yoga Pass & we’ll add 2 free classes!
The additional classes may be gifted to a friend or saved for yourself!

EVERY Wednesday in November, Angela will guide meditation from 8:30-8:50am. It’s FREE and open for all to try!

AcroYoga founder, Jenny coming to Seattle Jan 8-11th.

Deepening Our Connections

The theme of the month is GRATITUDE for DEEPENING OUR CONNECTION, and our focus is on learning how to cultivate a rich and vibrant connection to our most authentic selves through practice.

We all tend to fixate on our outer circumstances– relationships, work, money– as the cause of our suffering. However, most of our suffering is actually the result of a disconnection from ourselves, or a lack of intimacy with our deepest experience, emotions, and truth.
So it is not the challenges of our everyday lives that we need to fix, it is our core connection to ourselves that needs to be re-established. The highest purpose of the spiritual path and practice is to establish and re-establish this core connection to our deeper nature, so that we can live, love, and work with more skill and grace.
In learning how to make our practice distinctly personal, and thereby more relevant, our deepest truths provide refuge and support for dealing with the challenges of our everyday lives.

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